Employment Assistance

During their program, students may seek employment assistance with the Career Services coordinating staff that can cultivate ongoing relationships with the medical community. The career services staff interviews students eligible for employment and assesses their work skills while determining their employability in specific arenas such as hospitals, outpatient facilities, doctors’ offices, mobile or travel. It is important for students to maintain adequate attendance and remain in good academic and behavioral standing for effective job placement assistance.
In addition to Suncoast College of Health employment assistance, students are motivated to engage in self-directed job search and are welcome to share employment opportunities with the Suncoast College of Health career services department.

Suncoast College of Health was founded on the principle of assisting students in seeking meaningful employment upon program completion. Suncoast College of Health career services staff members are dedicated to constantly and effectively offering students, graduates and alumni career development services, including placement assistance.

Suncoast College of Health does not guarantee employment. Suncoast College of Health will make every conceivable effort in assisting students with career placement; however, we cannot guarantee job placement. Each facility establishes their own guidelines for hiring. Students are assisted with placement and furnished with names and addresses of employment possibilities. Inquires made to the school from potential employers will be posted on the school bulletin board.

Student Services



Whether to achieve higher grades or obtain top scores in credentialing exams, students can benefit from the additional help provided by one-on-one personal learning. Suncoast College of Health offers individualized teaching to maximize a student's potential for all Suncoast College of Health programs.

To be academically competitive and better prepared for high-performance workplaces, students will participate in critical thinking, analyzing problems, proposing solutions, troubleshooting, communications and time management.


Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is available for students who need assistance in academic areas can be helped in the following ways: test review, grade reviews, tutoring. Academic Counseling is available Monday- Friday 1-3pm by appointment only. Suncoast College of Health has incorporated methods to assess student learning outcomes including a) an educational plan based on assessment of abilities, goals, interests, and values; b) a guideline to setting goals, making decisions, as well as an action plan to achieve those goals; c) a lesson plan to adhere to the responsible behavior required for meeting academic program requirements; d) a guideline to reiterating and confirming the understanding of the core values and intent of the Suncoast College of Health’s curriculum; e) a guideline to articulating professionalism and the intellectual habits that lead to a lifetime of learning; and f) a basis to developing the mindset to engage in constant awareness of others and understanding how their actions affect the world around them. Please contact the program director for scheduling times. There is no cost for these services.

Career Services

Career services can help at every stage of your planning for life after Suncoast College of Health. Students and alumni have continued access to career advising, career management, job search resources and networking opportunities.


In order to gain a competitive edge in an in-demand career, students will also be able to participate in personal marketing and branding plans, resumes and cover letters, mock interviews and evaluations, job finding techniques, negotiation coaching, social medial profiles and web biographies as well as employment essays.

Student services are available by appointment only Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm. There is no cost for these services.

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