Financial and Payment Information

Tuition, Fees and Finance


This Bursar department manages student payments to the school. Suncoast College of Health does not currently participate in Title IV.
Students are expected to prepare for and bear additional costs of the program which are not included in their tuition. This includes fees for credential or licensing examinations, tutoring or review classes, late fees, toxicology/background investigation, etc. The school will attempt to notify the student as much in advance as possible.

  • There is no carrying, or interest charges or service fees connected to any of these programs.

  • Contracts are not sold to a third party at any time.

  • There is a $150.00 Registration Fee is due at the time of signing the application for admission and the remaining balance is required at the start of class unless other arrangements have been made for the student. Payment in full prior to class is also accepted.

  • A $250.00 graduation fee will be due upon the last class of the designated program.

  • All payments must be completed prior to last nursing course. Failure to complete monetary requirements will result in the student being dropped from the program and required to re- enroll at a later date once completion of the requirements has been met. The student will be required to pay for the repeat of the course.


Permanent transcripts of students’ progress are maintained by Suncoast College of Health and are available upon written request by the student. There is no charge for the first transcript; additional transcripts are $25.00 each.


Occupational Testing Requirements

There may be a requirement for certain states, whereby employment is contingent on whether you must have taken and passed, and exam as required by the employer or state. Students are responsible for applying and paying the required fees for state testing and licensure.

Disclaimer: State or National companies may alter the cost of testing at their discretion. Boards of nursing will require a new background screening when applying for the examination. Fees will range in cost according to the site performing the screening. Students are required to cover these costs.

Tuition Liability

Tuition liability is determined as calculated with the refund calculator. Students who are officially withdrawn or terminated from their program may be entitled to a partial refund of their tuition.

Finance and Payment Plans

Suncoast College of Health is completely committed to the success of every student and graduate and will assist in every way possible to help guide you through the financial aid process.

Installment Payment Agreement

Students may choose to take advantage of Suncoast College of Health’s Installment Payment Agreement, which allows students to make payments throughout their program and beyond. 

Length of Installment Payment Agreement

Suncoast College of Health’s Installment Payment Agreements are devised to be extended throughout the entire length of the program and beyond to assist students with paying tuition. 


Forms of Payment

Payment for all associated tuition costs, including Tuition, and Fees can be paid with a bank or cashier’s check and/or credit card.  Credit cards accepted include American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.


Payment Due Dates

Students are required to pay their tuition payments throughout the course of their program as agreed. 


Tuition Default, Late Fees and Payment Grace Period

If the monthly payment is late, a $10.00 per day late fee is assessed for each day late. All late fees must be paid in full prior to the student attending class or clinical unless other payment arrangements have been agreed upon. Failure to pay late fees as agreed may result in dismissal from Suncoast College of Health.


Tuition Default and Program Suspension

Students that have trouble making their education payments should contact the Bursar immediately in order to request alternate payments and avoid late fees. Suncoast College of Health students who fail to pay their installment payment as scheduled, will not be able to attend class or clinical until payment is satisfied unless prior arrangements are made with Suncoast College of Health. Any student in default who still attends class, even after Suncoast College of Health has instructed them not to, will not be given any credit for time in attendance and may be dismissed for inappropriate conduct.


Tuition Default and Program Dismissal

Suncoast College of Health students are required to communicate with Suncoast College of Health their inability to make their payment if their payment. Students will be provided with a written warning should they fail to communicate the inability to make timely payments as agreed. A maximum of two written warnings will be provided to the student to improve their communication and encourage responsible payments. However, if a student fails to pay as agreed and fails to communicate lack of timely, they will be dismissed. 


Tuition Default Graduates

Suncoast College of Health graduates who are in default on their tuition payments will not have access to Suncoast College of Health alumni privileges. Suncoast College of Health will follow federal and state guidelines regarding graduate tuition default.

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