Students enrolling into the RN-BSN Online Program must have one of two options: • Graduate from a state licensed Professional Nurse Program, Active licensure as a Professional Nurse (RN)
Graduation Requirements for RN-BSN Online: 1. Successful completion of the RN-BSN Online. 2. Submission of required payments to the college. 3. Submission of any required official transcripts for transfer credits if applicable.
Occupation certification requirement: The RN-BSN graduate must successfully complete the NCSBN NCLEX-RN examination to work as a Professional Nurse.
Credential Issued: Students who have met all requirements for graduation will granted a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
RN- BSN   Tuition: $7350.00 **Registration fee: $150.00   Total Cost: $7500.00 
General Education Requirements/Co-Requisites for the RN-BSN Program: Students must have all General Education/Co-requisite requirements completed within 30 days of the student’s last day of class in order to graduate. 
Courses, to be completed at College/University/CLEP/DANTES/ACE or other US Department of Education, which are accepted include:
1. Level 300-400 English - 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours
2. Statistics- 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours
3. History 4.5 Quarter Credit Hours
4. General Electives- 9 Quarter Credit Hours (may not use previously granted credits)
5. Humanities- 9 Quarter Credit Hours
RN- BSN ONLINE Completion Time Approximately:  3-4 Quarters Quarters (9 months) 
Online Learning Expectations
Suncoast College of Health uses asynchronous learning through the Blackboard learning platform. Students are scheduled for two online nursing courses per six weeks.
Students are issued an initial ID and password that protects their identity and information. Only students enrolled in the online program will be able to access the online content and only the student whose identity has been verified through the use of their selected password, will be able to enter into the online access.
Online grading: Students enrolled in the online RN-BSN program do not have to log into the program a certain number of times per day/week however, the instructor will require evident login, submission of student work, participation of online discussion threads and a passing score of 70% in each course.  
Surveys and Evaluations: Students will receive surveys of the program, faculty, and school. These surveys evaluate how to better serve the student through analysis of answer given by
the student. Although the surveys are not mandatory, it is the goal of the school to have every survey completed by the student. Overall, improvements of the school can be initiated by use of the survey answers.
Students are expected to utilize the online Academic library through the Suncoast College of Health website and LIRN to promote academic rigor, increasing knowledge at the degree level of study.
Students must attend an online library orientation and submit an attestation of attendance.
Library, Technical Assistance and Student Services In addition to having access to all campus administrative resources (including the library's full text online databases “Library Internet Resource Network”), online students have 24hour Help Desk assistance to resolve any connection or technological issues. At SCH the nursing courses online use Coursesites by Blackboard as the web-learning management system. Prior to taking their first online course, students must complete a three-hour noncredit online workshop that measures their motivation, discusses the time needed for online learning, introduces them to Coursesites, discusses  effective strategies  for  success online,  and describes  the  hardware  and software students are required to have at home. Students are offered the same student services as campus based programs. Student can access these services by going to the website and accessing the “Online Learning” button. There you will find a student services request form, career services, academic/personal counseling, financial counseling and library assistance. In addition, the school has posted a list of online resources (audio/visual), Online learning training videos and links for employment, job resources, and library.
The following guidelines are designed for optimum participation in the online, or distance learning, course rooms. 1. Students are directed to learn how to access the online course rooms, which use Coursesites by Blackboard in the general education courses. The Administrator provides course information and training.
2. Students are required to follow the course syllabus, which is posted in the Introduction of every course.  Online course instruction will follow the syllabus.
3. Attendance is recorded by the time and dates of student log-ins.  The course period is six weeks, and the number of hours and credits are reflected on the top of the first page of the syllabus.  The following reflects student hours of attendance:
a. Completion of a test or quiz by the due date that is posted; b. Participation in weekly Discussion Boards by the due date posted; c. Responding to messages the instructor posts in the Announcement Board; d. On-campus meeting with faculty directly related to the course and any concerns the student is having, including the need for additional tutoring assistance.
4. Course weeks are set as follows: a. The course opens at 10:00 a.m. on Monday of each week; b. The course week closes at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of each week.
Online Attendance
Instructors define expected interaction between themselves, students, and the class learning management system in online or e-learning courses. Inconsistent interaction and/or inconsistent use of the learning management system or course materials, regardless of cause, reduces the opportunity for learning. Online or e-learning students who do not participate in classes as defined by the course syllabus may be withdrawn for nonattendance.
Grading/Examination Process
Suncoast College of Health utilizes the following grading criteria in online nursing theory courses: “C” or better is required for all distance education courses.  90-100(4.0)  A      80-89  (3.0)  B     70-79  (2.0)  C     60-69  (1.0)  D     0-59 (0.0)  F
Grade Description: *P- Pass  *TR- Transfer Credit  **WD- Withdrawal  ** WP- Withdraw Passing  ** WF- Withdraw Failing **EC- Experiential Credit **I- Incomplete
Grade Posting Grades are posted in the Gradebooks portal and can only be accessed by your designated and customized ID/Password. Students enrolled in an online course may view their grades at any time through the Gradebooks portal. Student’s grades are not available to be viewed by anyone but the student and the instructor in the online course room.
The exam schedule and grade format are included in the course syllabus. The exam must be taken on the scheduled week. Once the week is closed out, students will not have access to the examination and are subject to receiving a “0”. If the student is unable to take the exam due to emergency or illness, the student must provide written documentation
supporting the reason upon return to campus. The ability of taking a missed exam is at the discretion of the course facilitator.
70% Rule: For exams/Individual written assignments for progression and rounding policy on all tests, the grades are rounded to two decimal places (i.e., 85.679=85.68)
• For the final course grade there will be no rounding (i.e., 89.67=B, 69.99=D) • To pass, a final course grade of C or better is required in all nursing courses.
Faculty Assistance
Students may contact the faculty telephone or fax Monday-Fridays 9am-5pm at 941-727-2273 or by email daily until 9pm. Faculty will answer calls and emails within 48 hours unless it is an emergency. Technical Assistance is available through Coursesites by Blackboard 24/7 (
Online requirements:
Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, Javascript and Adobe are needed. Adobe PDF is suggested.
An Internet connection is necessary to participate in discussions and assignments, access readings, transfer course work, and receive feedback from your instructional professor. For web-based courses, students should have a basic working knowledge of computers and Internet use as well as access to a computer with a broadband (DSL, cable, satellite) Internet connection. 
At a minimum, you must have a computer with Microsoft Office 2003, XP, 2007 or OpenOffice. Microsoft Office is the standard office productivity software utilized by faculty, students, and staff. Microsoft Word is the standard word processing software, Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet software, and Microsoft PowerPoint is the standard presentation software. The ability to copy and paste, along with attaching/uploading documents for assignment submission, will also be required.
Email: All students must utilize their designated email address with the school’s address ( Email from any other source will not be used due to virus and possible intrusion from outside sources. Suncoast College of Health uses a closed loop email system for communication.

 Suncoast College of Health 

(941) 727-CARE (2273)

      6513 14th Street West, suite 103
Bradenton Florida  34207