Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN Bridge Program) - 180 Quarter Credit Hours
General entrance requirements and disclosures for all programs: 

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. 

Applicants who are under 18 years of age by enrollment must have a high school diploma (or) a GED and the parent or guardian must enroll the applicant. 

Applicants must provide proof of a government issued identification at time of enrollment.  
Entrance Requirements
• The student must submit a government issued picture ID. 

• Completed a Professional Nurse program by a school which is licensed by the Department of Education and the Board of Nursing.

• The student must submit transcripts from a Professional Nurse Program.

• Must submit active state licensure as a Professional Nurse from their respective state.
 Program Description: 
The RN-BSN Bridge program is a 180 QUARTER Hour credit program developed for the student who has successfully graduated from a professional nurse program and obtained an RN license. Through this online program, the student will learn advancements in healthcare at the Bachelors level focusing on research and application of evidenced based practice, health care informatics and use of collaborative care in the healthcare setting. The enrolling student will transfer a total of 82.5 Quarter Credit Hours which includes 60 core nursing and 22.5 general education quarter credit hours at the associate degree level and 31.5 general education credits at the Bachelors Degree level for prior learning and complete 66 hours of core nursing courses totaling a 180 quarter credit hour program.

Program Objectives:
1. To expand the RN role to the BSN level of higher critical thinking synthesizing knowledge derived from nursing, natural and behavioral sciences, humanities and arts in the practice of professional nursing.

2. To practice professional nursing competently in diverse settings; utilizing caring, critical thinking and therapeutic nursing interventions with individuals, families, aggregates and communities, at any developmental stage, and with a variety of health experiences.

3. To utilize the requisite knowledge and skill to practice independently and collaboratively with other health professions as an advanced beginner professional nurse.

4. To instruct the RN in the higher level of understanding of delegation and staffing which is reflective of a BSN nurse.

5. To integrate research findings and nursing theory of decision making into professional nursing practice.

6. To apply concepts of leadership, autonomy and management to the practice of professional nursing.

7. To integrate professional caring into practice decisions that encompass, values, ethical, moral and legal aspects of nursing.

8. To participate in the advancement of the profession to improve health care for the betterment of the global society.

9. To accept responsibility and accountability for the effectiveness of one’s own nursing practice and professional growth as a learner, clinician, and leader.

Online Learning Expectations
Suncoast College of Health uses asynchronous learning through the Blackboard learning platform. Students are scheduled for one-two online nursing courses per six weeks.
Students are issued an initial ID and password that protects their identity and information. Only students enrolled in the online program will be able to access the online content and only the student whose identity has been verified through the use of their selected password, will be able to enter into the online access.
Online grading: Students enrolled in the online RN-BSN Bridge program, are required to post substantial (4-5 sentences) and post a minimum of 2 responses to other participants in the class discussions.  Students must log in and post a minimum of 3 times a week, the instructor will require evident login, submission of student work, participation of online discussion threads and a passing score of 70% in each course.  

The following guidelines are designed for optimum participation in the online, or distance learning, course rooms. 1. Students are directed to learn how to access the online course rooms, which use Coursesites by Blackboard in the general education courses. The Administrator provides course information and training.
2. Students are required to follow the course syllabus, which is posted in the Introduction of every course.  Online course instruction will follow the syllabus.
3. Attendance is recorded by the time and dates of student log-ins.  The course period is six weeks, and the number of hours and credits are reflected on the top of the first page of the syllabus.  The following reflects student hours of attendance:
a. Completion of a test or quiz by the due date that is posted; b. Participation in weekly Discussion Boards by the due date posted; c. Responding to messages the instructor posts in the Announcement Board; d. On-campus meeting with faculty directly related to the course and any concerns the student is having, including the need for additional tutoring assistance.
4. Course weeks are set as follows: a. The course opens at 10:00 a.m. on Monday of each week; b. The course week closes at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of each week.
Online Attendance
Instructors define expected interaction between themselves, students, and the class learning management system in online or e-learning courses. Inconsistent interaction and/or inconsistent use of the learning management system or course materials, regardless of cause, reduce the opportunity for learning. Online or e-learning students who do not participate in classes as defined by the course syllabus may be withdrawn for non-attendance.
Grading/Examination Process
Suncoast College of Health utilizes the following grading criteria in online nursing theory courses: “C” or better is required for all distance education courses.  90-100(4.0)  A      80-89  (3.0)  B     70-79  (2.0)  C     60-69  (1.0)  D     0-59 (0.0)  F
Grade Description:
*P- Pass  *TR- Transfer Credit  **WD- Withdrawal  ** WP- Withdraw Passing  ** WF- Withdraw Failing **I- Incomplete
Grade Posting Grades are posted in the Gradebooks portal and can only be accessed by your designated and customized ID/Password. Students enrolled in an online course 
may view their grades at any time through the Gradebooks portal. Student’s grades are not available to be viewed by anyone but the student and the instructor in the online course room.
The exam schedule and grade format are included in the course syllabus. The exam must be taken on the scheduled week. Once the week is closed out, students will not have access to the examination and are subject to receiving a “0”. If the student is unable to take the exam due to emergency or illness, the student must provide written documentation supporting the reason upon return to campus. The ability of taking a missed exam is at the discretion of the course facilitator.
70% Rule: For exams/Individual written assignments for progression and rounding policy on all tests, the grades are rounded to two decimal places (i.e., 85.679=85.68)
• For the final course grade there will be no rounding (i.e., 89.67=B, 69.99=D) • To pass, a final course grade of C or better is required in all nursing courses.

Email: All students must utilize their designated email address with the school’s address ( Email from any other source will not be used due to virus and possible intrusion from outside sources. Suncoast College of Health uses a closed loop email system for communication.

RN- BSN Bridge Information

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