Is Online Learning for Me?

1. My need to take this course now is:

high—I need it immediately for a job, degree or other reason
moderate—I could take it later at a provider site or substitute another course
 low—it is not very important at this time

2. Having face-to-face interaction with my instructors and other students is:

 not particularly important to me
 somewhat important to me
 very important to me

3. I would classify myself as someone who:

 often gets things done ahead of time
 needs reminding to get things done on time
 puts things off until the last minute or doesn’t complete them

4. Classroom discussion is:

 rarely helpful to me
 sometimes helpful to me
 almost always helpful to me

5. When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, I prefer:

 figuring out the instructions myself
 trying to follow directions on my own but am willing to ask for help as needed
 having the instructions explained to me

6. I need faculty feedback on my assignments:

 within a few weeks, so I can review what I did
 within a few days, or I forget what I did
 right away or I get frustrated

7. Considering my professional and personal schedule, the amount of time I have to work on an online course is:

 more than for a course at a provider site
 the same as for a class at a provider site
 less than for a class at a provider site

8. Coming to a provider site on a regular basis for a class is:

 extremely difficult for me (because of work, family, or personal reasons)
 somewhat difficult, but I can probably rearrange priorities in order to attend
 not difficult

9. I would classify my reading ability as:

 good—I usually understand what I read without help
 average—I sometimes need help to understand what I read
 below average—I often need help to understand what I read

10. When I am asked to use technologies such as e-mail, the Internet, or new software:

 I look forward to learning new skills
 I feel apprehensive but try it anyway
 I put it off or try to avoid it

11. I have access to a internet capable smart phone, tablet or computer?

 I don’t but I can get access or visit the campus for access

Online Student Services HELP Form

 Suncoast College of Health 

Prior to attending your online program, please take a moment to review our training program for attending an online educational program, as an online student you will need to understand how, what and why you will experience attending an online program. There are 20 videos ranging between 6-14 min each equaling approximately 3 hours of a non credit instructional course..

If you are a first time online learner, the following tips will help you have a successful online experience.

Log on to your course(s) every day

Check discussion board, chats, assignments and calendar daily


Instructor is not the only source of information for the course
Contribute ideas or comments in chats and/or discussion

Speak up if you have questions or problems

Ask questions if you do not understand something
Let your instructor know if you have technical problems

Use Chat room etiquette

Be polite and respectful.

(941) 727-CARE (2273)

      6513 14th Street West, suite 103
Bradenton Florida  34207